*Dear patient: Digital Consultation is 20USD and is deductible if you decide to take the full dental service. Terms may apply.


We refer you to the best specialists in Bogota, using the leading brand in the global market NEODENT, which offers titanium implants with the latest technology (ACQUA) that allows for fixed teeth recovery on the same day of placement. These implants are the most commonly used in Europe and the USA.

We use the best materials on the market such as Zirconium, Lithium Disilicate, and dental porcelain. We employ high technology, dental scanners, and milling machines, which facilitate shorter delivery times for dental crowns.

Utilizing high technology and intraoral scanning, we obtain implant crowns made of materials such as Zirconium, Disilicate, and porcelain in short timeframes.

We refer you to the best specialists in the area, offering highly aesthetic and comfortable clear aligners. The treatment is completed in short delivery times, and it can be divided into parts according to the patient’s convenience. Virtual check-ups are conducted, facilitating the treatment process.

We create highly aesthetic disilicate and porcelain veneers using the best technology and in short timeframes.

We use a LED lamp to enhance the effectiveness of the whitening process. Results are visible in just one session, typically achieving one shade lighter. Ideally, three interdaily sessions are recommended to achieve your desired teeth shade.